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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

ONE QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT: I have edited the wikiHow page on how to pass as a man for FTMs. I would do this for you girls, but due to a lack of personal experience, I don't feel I can just yet, however I AM looking for an MTF blogger willing to donate their time to improving this area of our blog for our big and beautiful girls who need this help. I have gotten a lot of tips, ideas and additions on here already for some of you, but we really need someone on here who is willing to be our first hand knowledge to cover the girls' (non-binary) needs for BiggerTz. If interested, leave a comment below or write to The "How to pass" wikiHow now includes quick tips for larger trans men. If someone could do this on wikiHow for the girls, you would be saving lives. Please consider. Thank you.

PEEPS WHO PACK: Packers for BiggerTz and STPs that actually work for large men/non-binary

To begin with, please remember this is an 18+ only site. If you are under 18, please have your parent or responsible adult help you out with the information contained here. This is adult material and often shows prosthetic sexual organs for educational purposes to help the trans and intersex communities and their families or supportive network. Also, I WILL be addressing issues with dysphoria and challenges with packers/stps in depth, so if you are having a bad day, week, month etc. it may be better to refer back to my "quick reference" help page and avoid these types of pages. TRIGGER WARNING

Now that this is out of the way, I want to talk about how ineffective regular packers are for those of us who are large. For one, the typical three inch or four inch long packer makes almost no bulge for us. When we use the typical sized packers, our larger legs among other things, do a great job at hiding the bulge of the penis causing us to feel and look effeminate. Ever wonder why you put on a smaller packer and your dysphoria doesn't improve? This might be one of the reasons. Likewise, if we use the standard size STP device, for those of us who have bellies, this is awkward to do. It can be hard to reach and harder to see what we are doing, especially when we are learning and the ladies (or tidy boyfriends/intersex or trans partners) don't like piss on the floor. Not cool guys. So what we need to do is go for the larger sizes.

I have purchased several packers to try out and review for you to save you the money of having to experiment on your own with multiple packers... perhaps a little too much money. I am not sponsored by any packer/stp/prosthetic company as of right now. If there is a product you would like me to review, please leave a comment below and I will see what I can do. This is why I accept donation. I want to do this for you guys but I am not wealthy and this does get pricey. Moving on. So far, the ones that I find work best for us are the Archer (<a href=""></a>), the Pierre (<a href=""></a>) and for those of us on a tighter budget, the Classic Packy (medium is the 6 inch and I would go with the tan because the pink is super pink, unless this is your typical skin tone) (<a href=""></a>), and my personal favorite cheap packer Mr Limpy (anything from the 5 to the 6.5 should work and again the vanilla runs a little pink but not as pink as the Classic Packy and they offer half sizes so you can really get the best fit for yourself) (<a href=""></a>).

Need a cheaper alternative? Try this: <a href=""></a>
Need a deal or trade for second hand? Try this: <a href=""></a><b></b></div>

Friday, September 16, 2016

Gender, Gender Expression and Sexuality


Note: If you are just here to receive help with Trans related stuff and you have a good working knowledge of gender and sexuality, please feel free to scroll down to the next blog. This blog is for people who are learning or who want to further their education.

A Short Briefing On Gender Politics: I will be posting the 2015-2016 scientific studies on how doctors define gender at the bottom of this page for your own research and education. I will not be getting into how politicians define gender. Politicians are concerned with money distribution and power distribution. They are not concerned with how we live day to day or with how we define our own genders because the plain ugly truth is, it is not profitable for them to care. Awarding equal rights opens up access to money. It is expensive. Awarding equal rights means opening up the fair job market. In some cases it means marriage rights and death benefits rights. Segregation has a purpose. It isn't because of religion. Religion itself isn't even a problem, but how it is used by politicians for their own agendas to help justify and gain support for segregation in the name of luxury and profit, that is the problem. There are only so many resources to share on this planet. If there is no hierarchy and no one is at the bottom, we all have fair and equal access to money and power. That is a dangerous thing to someone who wants luxury and can't obtain that luxury unless some large group goes without. That is the REAL basis for all of the hostility and that is why we have to fight so hard for our equality, which to any person with compassion for others ASSUMES equality should be awarded without question. If you are a human being, you deserve equal rights because you are a human being. If politicians can make you appear less than human, suddenly whether or not you DESERVE equal rights comes into question. This is the power of the media. To have the power to manipulate the definition of the term "human" is a dangerous game. The worst conversations to get into are going to be over politics or religion. So I leave each person the encouragement to decide these things for themselves. That is just my take on it, but this delves into political and social or cultural sciences and I want to focus on wellbeing specifically. Whether I am wrong or not, is really not relevant to why I created this page. I believe people who disagree can still respect each other.

The Differences and the Relationship Between Gender and Sexuality:
What I DO want to talk about briefly, is what we know gender to be at this time within our communities. Gender is a spectrum. Sexuality is also a spectrum. A person who is male, female, intersex, agender or transgender - anyone from any of these genders may have any sexual orientation. This means they can be attracted to a man, woman, intersex individual, transgender individuals, or they may be attracted to any/all genders, such as a bi or pansexual individual OR (that is a lot of ors) they may not be attracted to any gender at all, such as our wonderful asexual friends.
Sexual orientation - and I say orientation not preference, because I do not believe sexual orientation is a choice unless you are bi or pansexual, or become bi or pansexual post hormone replacement - I know some of you feel this has been true for you and you are valid - does not determine gender. Holy friggin run-on sentences from hell... I will eventually edit that. For me sexual orientation is definitely not a choice. If gender determined sexual orientation, no one would be attracted to the same sex. I would refer you to the Kinsey Scale or a few other ideas, but what I am really going on about is, what people say and feel about themselves is VALID. I believe people are the world experts on themselves. They know themselves better than anyone else and if for no other reason, I respect and believe this about them. You and how you feel about yourself and also how you define yourself (and your gender/gender expression) is valid. That's to start.

Defining Genders With Individual Wellbeing As the Primary Focus:
A spectrum is exactly as it implies and though I think people are much more complex than this and though I prefer to view things on a pie chart instead of on a line, I will give you the simplest explanation for now. On each end of a spectrum you have the two "binary" genders male and female. You might fall anywhere on that line from either of those genders or anywhere in between them. So you may feel you are right smack in the middle between male and female. There are different terms for this... bi-gender (feeling that you are both genders at once or that you are one gender for a time and then feel you are the other), genderqueer (more androgenous), poly-gender (feeling like you are many genders), gender-fluid (you sort of float back and forth between male and female... I like to picture a lava lamp), or agender (without a gender). Here is where I think things would be better expressed on a pie chart.

You may feel you are mostly male, but feel somewhat female or feel female occasionally. Some use the term demi-girl or demi-boy to express this subtle difference between straying slightly from the two binary genders. You may feel you are in the middle of the binary genders, but lean slightly more towards one than the other. Of course some people feel only male or only female. This is not completely determined by the reproductive organs you were born with. I am not sure it ever is, because gender doesn't just happen down below during development. It also happens in the brain.

You are born with reproductive organs someone labeled "gender". What these people forgot to mention, is that nature does not care about the neat little boxes people like to place things in when exposure is limited, or when ideas are too complex for them to easily wrap their heads around... yes I went there. I will put it simply. The physical gender is ALSO a spectrum. People are not ONLY born male or female. Nature is nature. Some people are born physically male. Some people are born physically female and some people are born somewhere in between (intersex) or with both male and female parts and if nature allows this to happen in the body, it isn't going to then turn around and say, "But not the brain. Oh no." During the gender development stage, hormone chemicals are also released to the brain. My doctor used the phrase, "washes the brain." So gender physically develops both with the body and the brain AND it doesn't even happen at the same time. These invetro-changes are part of different stages of development (please reference the cited work below). People seem to forget, for some reason, that the brain is part of the body.

Here is what I know and what information I feel is relevant for this page. When it comes to a battle of self-identity between the brain and the body, the brain will always win. Without our brains, we have no concept of a sense of "I" to begin with. Our brains determine how we feel, how we react and who we identify with and compare ourselves to. Identity is affected by internal and external chemicals, invetro-development, and the brain or body can be gifted or limited in any area involving it. As you will read in the article below, there is zero scientific basis for the environment being a factor in gender identity. There is no normal. There is a basic blueprint... that nature loves to ignore. Nature creates variety, whether you are comfortable with that or not. All of the interviews and research I have done on hormone replacement therapy supports changes to the brain with the introduction of testosterone. When a biological woman takes testosterone, they confirm that their mind makes further changes while they are on it. Some report clarity or a change from an emotional base thinking to one that is more analytical. Some report temperament changes or changes in territorial reactions to partners. Especially in cases where testosterone was too low or too high. Energy levels are higher due to an increase in red blood cell production. This can also have an affect on how the mind works. Many attest how they think, react, and feel emotionally - changes. For some, it may begin to be harder to cry. My own testosterone levels are naturally higher than they should be for a biological female and I naturally have trouble crying. I don't respond the same way my biological female friends and family do. I can relate to my brothers and my male friends much better in this respect and that is prior to hormone replacement. Some people don't like the changes hormone repalcement therapy has on the mind and they might choose to stop it, or to put the treatment on "pause" because the changes can be intense. Especially if levels or off, or if they are changing at a rapid rate of speed. Some end up finding that they are more comfortable without. Some realize they are non-binary during their transition and choose to stay somewhere halfway through transition. I don't begrudge anyone any level of comfort they need to find for themselves. I am simply pointing out that there is physical evidence showing that hormones directly impact the gender of the brain.

Based on my own research, it is my opinion that the gender which happens in the brain, has a much greater impact on a person's quality of life and sense of wellbeing than the gender that happens on the lower half of the body. How we feel about ourselves determines a person's quality of life. Every doctor will agree that when it comes to human life, it is quality of life, not quantity of life that matters overall. Doctors also know that stress, anxiety, and depression kills. Depression can cause real physical illness. Mental health and physical health are intertwined. They determine and affect each other, so a person's sense of wellbeing about themselves IS the important thing to focus on, regardless of your politics, religions, etc... I have just come full circle.
As I move forward writing this blog, I will be concerned with YOUR sense of wellbeing with yourself. Not what someone else tells you it "should" or "shouldn't" be and not what someone else has defined as "normal". Variables in nature show absolutely no compassion or basis for our definitions of "normal" or what we think is "the norm". That is proven by the very nature of nature to break those boundaries. The only constants are that all constants are subjected to variables which can change any constant. I care about your individual sense of wellbeing within yourself. This is why telling you, no matter how "different" you think you are, YOU ARE VALID. Oh look. Full circle again.

I just found this on the public domain and it is a really great way to portray gender:

If you are interested in the science and furthering your own education and/or research or are interested in learning how I came to my own understanding:

Disclaimer: I obtained this paper via legal means through a college. You may access it and make proper payment for obtaining your own copy of it here: . I am sharing this now, through what is known as the Fair Use Act for research/scholar/teaching/education purposes. This a continuation of the Transgender/Gender studies I began in my Women's Studies Class, hosted by Professor Kate Dionne at the Central Maine Community College with an assigned research paper I wrote on Intersex, Transgender, and Gender Development. It is not intended to be used any other way. This is for your own research/education and also for my own, exclusively. I take absolutely ZERO credit for any of the work posted below.

Any other use is a violation of United State's copyright laws:
Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include:

1.the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
2.the nature of the copyrighted work;
3.the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
4.the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

I will not accept ANY donation, money, or any other form of payment of any kind for this particular blog or for any of the information on it. This article is included strictly as relevant research - both personal and scholarly and is intended as a reference on the topic of Gender and Sexuality with the inclusion of knowledge for the purpose of wellbeing, which is the basis for the purpose of this blog. This blog and my attitude on the topic for this blog, is based largely on this paper and others like it. I will be posting this and other research papers on the topic involved and the blog itself is in part a commentary based on my reaction to this and other scholarly articles of a similar nature. A large part of wellbeing and social acceptance in a culture is improved by research and teaching available knowledge which has been gained, most especially scientific research and other references that research is based on.
If you want to obtain a copy of this paper of your own, please write to me and I will refer you to a website where you can purchase this paper directly from its authors, or you may simply click the link above which will lead you to the same place. Please report if the link is broken in the comments below. Again, if you belong to one of the participating colleges (colleges who are sharing or researching this topic) you may obtain this paper for free in the same place, as I have. Cited works are listed on the last page of the paper and my own citation for this paper is added at the bottom.

Cited: "Frontiers In Neuroendocrinology." Ed. L. Galea. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All Rights Reserved, 2016. Web. 2016. .

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Quick Guide and Reference To Trans Help (All Inclusive) [This post is a work in progress. I will be adding help to the non-binary peeps shortly.]

(Trigger warning. I will be "getting into it" here so if you are having an "off" day, please feel free to come back at a better time.)
This post will feature real help now. I will be posting products here. Both products I believe in and those tried and true methods honed to OUR needs.

ECProsthetics offer (in my opinion the lowest price, highest quality products and they offer it for the full spectrum in the Trans community.
Their prosthetics include MTF (I get so tired of our girls being left out and so I REALLY appreciate ECProsthetics for this) and though they are a growing company that is not yet perfect, their products DO work for the heavier person. They are also hyper-realistic in feel and look. The one issue I had was that their medical grade material did seemed a bit stiff, but as you wear it, the material starts to warm to your body temperature and as it does, it softens dramatically. After about 15 minutes, I stopped feeling like I was packing (vitally important for me as far as dysphoria goes).

The learning curve for the STP part was easier than any I have tried so far. You do need to hold back your flow, but only very slightly. ALL STPs require some practice. I have not yet tried the EZP, but that is coming soon. I don't hold out high hopes for EZP for big guys because it's too short for us and if you squeeze the sides, you will have accidents. Or so I am told. My upper legs are too thick for this.
ECProsthetics runs small by at least an inch. My next product with them will be the 6 inch. Because I am large, I need my parts to stick out farther than my belly (I know you know what I am talking about) when I am trying to urinate and for you girls/non-binary peeps who want prosthetic chests or workable STPs (sit to pee devices), I am being told that their products are just as good for bigger girls. They have the best customer service I have ever seen. If you need an adjustment on the products, all you have to do is write to them and they will try their best to work with you. I had a terrible time with shipping (not because of them, but because of the post office) and they were wonderful through it.
Please let me know what you think of the female stp products.

Prices are the best on the market as far as realistic STPs go and run as low as $50ish. Just check out these prices:

I will be posting my own STP vlog and blog review (once I have used the product... their 4.5 STP, long enough) very soon. If any one else wants to review any product that has worked for them and post it here, they are more than welcome to.

Here are some pics, products and videos of things you can purchase now that both work well for BiggerTz and that are realistic as well as comfortable to wear. I HIGHLY suggest going higher in size for bigger FTM/Non-binary peeps who pack. My suggestion if you are overweight, is between a 5 and 6 inch shaft. If they measure from the base like EZProsthetics does, give it an extra inch and go with the 6 inch. That is larger than average, however unless their sizes run large already, small really just doesn't work for us. For one, if you can't see what you are doing, you will be more likely to have embarrassing accidents you don't want to clean. Secondly, you want to be able to reach it and if your weight causes you to have trouble doing this, it is going to be that much harder for you to get it positioned right so you don't have accidents. Leaning is your best friend. One hand on the wall, lean like you're the drunkest bastard on the planet. Spread 'em like a cowboy on a saddle. If you squeeze your STP, you and he will not be friends for long. ALL STPs require practice. Cis guys had dads to teach them, but even they had to learn. It's even harder for us. So be patient with your own learning curve and give any STP product at least three months or more to master. You'll get it and if not you might have to try a different product. If you have been through many products, than you might consider trying the non-phalic lines of STP devices like the pStyle, the Pibella, or the Mr. Fenis. If your anatomy is more up in the front than underneath, the Pibella will most likely be the best choice for you. If your anatomy is more below or underneath, than I would go for the pStyle or the Mr. Fenis. For those who struggle the most, the pStyle is the absolute easiest to use with the fastest learning curve. The Mr. Fenis is somewhat in the middle, but the benefit to this one is that it folds up neatly and really small, while the other two are made of hard plastic. Some of those have extendable lengths and easier shapes for our anatomy. I will post those products in the BiggerTz Non-binary section below. I don't know about you, but if I FEEL like I am wearing a prosthetic, it isn't really all that helpful. So here is my starter list:
Example of some of their products:

Rodeo, actually carries up to 3X (55inch waist). That is much better than most places.!/RodeoH-Black-ButtonFly-Boxer/p/15497564/category=15346154
An example of their products:

They also put out one, which I would consider the absolute best of the best when it comes to STPs for MTFs. They do not have anything for the girls YET. I am currently writing to them about this issue. I am hoping to change this. I will keep you posted on what I hear back from them.

For BiggerTz girls:
You simply won't find better advice from anyone than our beautiful drag performers. They have the best tips and tricks and you can find a LOT of them on youtube. If you happen to be lucky enough to already be well endowed, they have enhancement tips as well. When it comes to cis girls, breast size is not determined by weight any more than penis size is for the guys. There are 300lbs girls who wear an A cup. Society teaches us that this is not ideal, however that is a load of media garbage in my opinion and there are plenty of cultures that celebrate the curvy or big woman. There are many people who in fact prefer the softness of the big girl. I speak from personal experience. I always tell girls that women don't get to choose their breast size. Most cis girls HAVE dysphoria when it comes to their breast size because of the pressure society has placed on them. This is also true for cis-men and their penis size. This is ONE area that is only half true for the trans populous. IF you do not want to wear a prosthetic and are happy with what your maker gave you, that is wonderful. I will tell you one tip. Pull from the sides (under the armpit). You can increase your bust size this way, even if minimally. Especially, if you wear an underwire. Tape can help, though I advise extreme caution when it comes to tape. Be safe with it. Look up HOW to be safe with it before doing it. They have gel filled bras that can increase bust size and also to help get the desired shape. This can help if the feeling of silicone or cyberskin is triggering for you. Please note that hormone treatment will increase breast size for most people. Breast size does not happen all at once, just like the trans guy's beard. The growth happens in spurts and over time. Here is another blog on this topic. I find the comment section invaluable. The author has chosen anonymity, or I would give credit. Instead, I will redirect you to her blog:
Also, please check out this page by Lucille Sorella (Copyright © 2016 Preen Publishing LLC
548 Market Street #6440, San Francisco, CA 94104
Typical body shapers tend to ride up when you are big, so those don't work well, but you can purchase cheap compression shirts that do a similar job for a portion of the price. Just cut the top of the chest area out, like so:
Don't cut the bottom. Get a size that fits and doesn't cause pain, but is snug. This helps to accentuate without taping and causing serious harm to yourself. Cut the stomach part below the waist. A friend of mine, threads a colorful shoelace or string through the bottom hem to tie under the belly so that it doesn't ride up. The bra goes on over this. Websites that sell underwear with filled in buttocks and hips, do not usually come very large, so you can visit these YouTubers and they will help you out quite a bit. Now this girl is tiny. I know, but the good thing about being bigger for this one is that one, your belly can help to hide stringlines. Two, there is a layer of natural fat between the pelvis bone and the skin and the larger you are, the more this layer increases. The thicker the layer is, the easier and less painful it is going to be to tuck and fold things and to get them where you want them. I highly suggest writing down the sizes and materials that you use that you find works best for you and than sticking to that one method. Different materials will do different things. So experiment with sock types, and nylon types to get the best possible design for yourself.:
This gaff idea (video created by YouTube personality, Brooklyn Beauty) works for any size person because they sell pantyhose for all sizes:
For a hips and ass, money saving idea, let me redirect you to Sharon ShareAlike's video. Please don't forget to like and subscribe to these girls if they have helped you. They are working hard and taking time to do this and this idea DOES work for any size person.
One thing she doesn't use on the foam is sandpaper. I can tell you from my own crafting that sand paper, to get a really smooth and tapered finish, works fantastic on foam. You want to go with a medium grade on the sandpaper. Not a heavy or a fine. Heavy will crumble the foam and fine will not do anything. Please, please, please DO NOT inject mineral oil. You can KILL yourself doing that. It is SO unsafe. Also, with layering. Less is more. You will overheat. If you are big, your organs already have a lot of pressure on them and you don't want to add more. You girls are a little luckier than the guys as far as youtube videos go. I would start there and try to stick to methods that are simple and use the least layering as possible. I am waiting on permission to share a few videos.
I would really like to hear back from any girls who have tried the Gina Clip and if you don't know what that is, check it out here ( Warning, there is actual nudity for educational reasons on this one. The video was made as a guide to prevent injuries while using the clip. I want to know comfort on a 1-10 scale, how it is for you throughout the day and any negative or positive things you know about this item. I cannot review this product for you, so it would be great if someone who has would give us a shout. The same goes for any of the STP products you have tried. Please let other girls know if they worked well for you. I will be keeping an eye out for videos on these.

For BIggerTz guys:
I want to talk about binding for big guys/non-binary peeps. Media shows all these nice flat pecks for trans dudes after binding and all the guys are fit, but that isn't real helpful for us. Binders ride up/roll up on big guys. Unless you get the half length ones, which are better but don't usually come in our size. You CAN get them made to fit, which is nice, but extremely pricey. I want to point out that the human body is extremely diverse. Not all cis guys are well endowed (some can even suffer dysphoria themselves from this due to the pressures society has placed on this), some cis men are even top heavy when overweight. When a cis guy puts on weight, it is typical for his chest to gain fat cells. If you look at these images you will see this is true and you can see how different size cis guys vary in peck size:

As you can see from these different bodies, men have many different shapes and they are not all that perfect peck picture that our communities have shown us online (that was a lot of assonance). The best binder I have ever found for guys our size is compression tank tops, made for men, cut just below the "peck" line. I don't buy them small or tight, because I want to protect my heart, which is already at risk and doesn't need that extra pressure squeezing it. I buy to fit and here's why. It only has to be tight enough that I can pull my "moobs" away from each other, towards my armpits and have them stay. If I were to wear a bra, I would be in a 42DD and even though I am this big, this method still works for me REALLY well. I look like any dude who is overweight, which is exactly what I am. I am not going to get that exact look I want because the look I want is fit and I am not fit. I am lucky enough to have a wife who loves my size. Believe it or not, lots of people like and prefer big. The aim isn't to change you into someone else. The aim is to take the you, that you are now and to make that you become the gender you know you are. Make sense? We can also get some style tip to help out with that. This guy here has some decent verbal tips for big guys, so check out his channel. These tips are not just tips for 2016, or tips that work for elders. I chose these tips, because they work for any age, any style:
Here's a good one for business men:
Those who carry their weight mostly in their belly:
I have looked at this guy's stuff a lot and thought the style is a bit stiff for my tastes, at least when I go out, I know I look good and that is a great feeling. It was a HUGE confidence booster when I realized people responded to me differently when I started taking some of these tips into my wardrobe.
Okay, now STPs, packers and all things down below. First thing I want to mention is Rodeo's new 2nd Gen. STP. It is, in my opinion, the best on the market. IF you are gonna save hundreds of dollars for an STP, that is the one I would buy. I am just being honest. There are lots of good products out there, but that is my honest opinion. I am not endorsed by anyone. I haven't been asked to give a review. That is my honest opinion. It costs around $300-$400 range, which isn't bad considering how high the prices are elsewhere. It isn't great either. I am poor. Most of the people in our community are suffering in poverty due to prejudice. It drops our economic level, so I feel it is a bit of a cheap blow to charge that much in the first place for any of it, but that's what they have decided to do and if I can get my starter money for my business up, I aim to change that. Until I do, there it you have it.
I feel the next best is ECProsthetics. Their prices are fantastic. Really. I also appreciate that they include that women's needs. I have not tired their packers yet. If they are as firm as their STPs I would pass. You can call and ask them about the feel. If you find out, feel free to give us a shout, or I may at a later date.
Next is real magic, but it is hit or miss with them. Either you love their stuff or you regret getting them deeply because they don't work for your anatomy and that is a LOT of money to spend on a product that MIGHT work... To be fair, however I CAN vouch for their packer. They put out literally one of the best quality packers on the market. If you want to go for comfort, go for the soft. If you want a more real feeling you can go "firm" for another ten bucks. The soft is VERY soft. That is a personal choice.
Anyway, I would avoid the EZP hype. The creator even says that if you have big upper legs and you can't spread them and make a two inch gap between your legs, that it is not the product for you. That doesn't even mention the shaft size vs belly issue.
I have heard that FreeTom has a hard learning curve, makes squelching noises during sex and after peeing etc. I cannot vouch for that personally, but please feel free to leave your opinion and help a fella out.
Rodeo does offer a packer. A few of them in fact. I cannot vouch for that one, but looking at them and taking to others who have used them, the best advice I can give is that they are fantastic quality, look and feel. All of them. The STP flaccid leaves more of a natural contour in the pants even than their packers. It lays down more. They have an STP that stays in the "hard" position, but does not feel hard, though I would imagine it would be difficult to pack with. I am still waiting for a buddy of mine to get his and get back to me on it. I will keep you posted. Several reviews have claimed that it passed the grab test.
If you are budget tight like I am, the best cheap packer reviews and my own personal fav.s are the Packer, the Pierre and the Archer, and the Pack It (though with the PackIt, be extra careful with the balls or you will tare it). The Pack It is by far the cheapest and so you can expect a lower quality, but it does the job the best for the price range. If you don't yet follow uppercaseCHASE1 on YouTube, I highly recommend that you do. That man has helped me more than any other online. Literally twice as much. In fact, he is the reason I am passionate about doing this now. He has started a new channel with his buddy Aaron, which I also highly recommend. Both channels talk a lot about all things FTM. I don't want to cover those topics too much because you can get them elsewhere. The products I have mentioned specifically work with us BiggerTz. Which leads me to another issue...
Chafing. OMG. Friggin chafing. If your legs touch when you walk, they chafe. They can get so sore that you don't want to walk. Not good. This is especially true in the heat. What you are going to want to do, and this may not be what you want to hear, but it is the truth is to switch to boxerbriefs. They may not be your thing, but this will cut down or even cure any chafing issues you might have. Powders. Talcum powders and other powders have actually been proven to cause ovarian cancers and other cancers. Johnson and Johnson is being sued for this right now. So please avoid powders and switch to corn starch, if you haven't already. You don't want to put anything chemical in that general area because it can upset the PH there and cause major problems. You can use this on your packers as well and it will even make them feel more like skin and stay drier in the hot weather.
These are the cheapest and best binders I can find on the market if you want to go with an actual binder. They carry sizes up to 5X and offer skin/flesh tones. With this company, you DO NOT want to buy a size smaller than you are. Trust me on this one. If you buy a size smaller, you will not be able to put it on. Go with your actual size. They make these specifically for FTMs. They take your specific compression needs into account with both their material and sizing, so measure inches around and see their size charts for more detail.

For BiggerTz Non-binaries:
Binding: This site offers flesh colored binders for fair prices (between $30-$40 on average). Not bad considering most places charge $50. There was a woman making them for very cheap, but she recently shot her prices up from $10-$20 all the way up to $50 and the quality is mediocre at best, so I have not posted that site. I will keep an eye out in case she sets reasonable prices again.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Getting there!

This Blog is only four days old. The first topic will be covered over the next two days. Thanks for your patience.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Over The Next Few Months

There are a few things I plan to do with this page. As I cover these topics throughout my blog, I will cross them out here on the list, so if you see them crossed out and want to read up, you can scroll down my blog page to view at your leisure. Feel free to comment and leave ideas for topics to cover if you need answers. :) Here is a little preview:
1. I plan to have several discussions on these overlooked topics
     A. Bigger Trans Elders: How to transition with both age and gender
     B. Bigger Trans Kids: A Discussion For Parents Who Have Big & Beautiful Trans Kids
     C. A Creative Writer's/Art Page
          a. A Trans topic will be chosen. For those who have trouble openly expressing your needs or how you feel or what you think, this can be another way. We will be holding flash fiction, poetry and art contests on an attached page (hyperlink). We will have to come up with a reward for voted on winners. At this time, I am only sure that first place winners will be showcased on the BiggerTz main page (the page with the domain link for more exposure). This is still in the works, so we will come up with other prize ideas as well. We are always open to suggestion.
     D. A Series Called "Big Troubles, Big Triumphs" Featuring:
           a. The Good
           b. The Bad
           e. The Embarrassing
           f. (and my personal favorite) The Life-Saving
           g. The Need
           h. The Success
           I. The Stereotype
5. What Is Gender?
6. Gender Science: Pros, Cons, And What We Need That Doesn't Exist Yet
7. How To Tuck If You're BB (Big&Beautiful)
8. How To Bind If You're Beafy
9. Belly In Boobs Out
10. Challenges of Packers and STPs for Big Studs
11. How To Apply Style To Size That Works For Trans (all inclusive)
6. Where To Get Stuff
7. How To Make Stuff
8. How To Use What You Have At Home
9. DIY for the artistically challenged

That is it for now. This is what we can look forward to. I will update this list as we come up with more ideas. They may not come out in this order, but these are the topics at hand now. The one thing I will NOT be covering is weightloss. You get enough of that from doctors, dietitians, media, family, friends, and in every other area of your life. That pressure isn't going to happen here. Yes, I want everyone to be healthy. That isn't the purpose of this blog. This is a place to feel GOOD about yourself, to get respect and support, and to learn to feel good in your own skin NOW, not after you change. Make sense? Please feel free to request a topic and we will see what we can do. If there is something you are struggling with specifically, please let me know and I will make THAT the priority. I am here to help.

A quick list of resources

So I thought it would be a great idea to start this blog off with a list of helpful resources that already exist on this topic. Not only does it give respect to those who have already been previously working on this, but it allows people to referance and access different ideas to get the best possible help. So here it goes (Trigger warning and warning. ) I do not have anything to do with what others decide to put on their websites. I do support what they do for people or they wouldn't be added here. I am in no way responsible for their content. This blog is for 18+ so if you are under 18... you know the drill. Get a parent to view - an appropriate adult to supervise, whatever you need to do to stay safe. I do not believe in censorship. Sorry. I like a world with freedom of speech and free/fair access to education. Just the way I am. If you do not like the content, please feel free to view another page if you feel this one is not comfortable to you. We are all adults here. There are also a few success stories. Or I may just post links showing Trans Pride, just to lift spirits. OR I may post stories of others feeling the way you do, so you can know that you are not alone. I use external links so that I don't step on the toes of other writers (hence "borrow" their material) because it is simply more respectful to send you to their page and allow them to gain the added views, than it is to take those for myself here on my own page. Sorry for the inconvenience. It is a respect thing. I am sure you understand:!/RodeoH-Black-ButtonFly-Boxer/p/15497564/category=15346154

This one I would like some feedback for. Please send me what you think:

I will add more as I review more pages.

Binding Safety referral:

Flesh colored binders for fair prices:

Sunday, September 4, 2016

This Blog Is For All Trans 18+

I want to help all Trans peeps. So I will be posting helpful tips for Trans men, women, and non-binary people elders and parents of trans children, without segregation, however because I am not a MtF, I can't give a personal account in this area. If you want to add something to this page to help our girls and non-binary peeps, please contact me at and I will post whatever you want, help you post what you want to share, or you can leave it in the comment section. Cis men/ women/unisex individuals are welcome to leave helpful tips as well (we love the help).
  Be warned. I am protective of my community members and I have a "do no harm" policy on this blog. This is a safe zone for minorities. If you attempt to harm one of my members in any way, I will involve my network of LGBT lawyers on their behalf and you will be banned from this blog and possibly face legal charges for things like hate crimes and legitimate harrassment. Emotional damage can be life threatening among our community members. We are already high risk. So be mindful and respectful while leaving comments. Thank you for your understanding.
  This blog page is for 18+ because we will be discussing and posting (for educational purposes) things like packers, STPs, prosthetic breasts, and the body parts of unknown people, taken from the public domain. This is not for entertainment. This is to help, educate and to save lives by minimizing (trigger warning) dysphoria. So don't try to get my page shut down or any other kind of typical nastiness I have seen when it comes to other community members. I have purchased the domain. I have consulted lawyers. I am within my legal rights to post about this and to add the things I do here. Thank you for your understanding.