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Friday, September 9, 2016

A quick list of resources

So I thought it would be a great idea to start this blog off with a list of helpful resources that already exist on this topic. Not only does it give respect to those who have already been previously working on this, but it allows people to referance and access different ideas to get the best possible help. So here it goes (Trigger warning and warning. ) I do not have anything to do with what others decide to put on their websites. I do support what they do for people or they wouldn't be added here. I am in no way responsible for their content. This blog is for 18+ so if you are under 18... you know the drill. Get a parent to view - an appropriate adult to supervise, whatever you need to do to stay safe. I do not believe in censorship. Sorry. I like a world with freedom of speech and free/fair access to education. Just the way I am. If you do not like the content, please feel free to view another page if you feel this one is not comfortable to you. We are all adults here. There are also a few success stories. Or I may just post links showing Trans Pride, just to lift spirits. OR I may post stories of others feeling the way you do, so you can know that you are not alone. I use external links so that I don't step on the toes of other writers (hence "borrow" their material) because it is simply more respectful to send you to their page and allow them to gain the added views, than it is to take those for myself here on my own page. Sorry for the inconvenience. It is a respect thing. I am sure you understand:!/RodeoH-Black-ButtonFly-Boxer/p/15497564/category=15346154

This one I would like some feedback for. Please send me what you think:

I will add more as I review more pages.

Binding Safety referral:

Flesh colored binders for fair prices: