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Sunday, September 4, 2016

This Blog Is For All Trans 18+

I want to help all Trans peeps. So I will be posting helpful tips for Trans men, women, and non-binary people elders and parents of trans children, without segregation, however because I am not a MtF, I can't give a personal account in this area. If you want to add something to this page to help our girls and non-binary peeps, please contact me at and I will post whatever you want, help you post what you want to share, or you can leave it in the comment section. Cis men/ women/unisex individuals are welcome to leave helpful tips as well (we love the help).
  Be warned. I am protective of my community members and I have a "do no harm" policy on this blog. This is a safe zone for minorities. If you attempt to harm one of my members in any way, I will involve my network of LGBT lawyers on their behalf and you will be banned from this blog and possibly face legal charges for things like hate crimes and legitimate harrassment. Emotional damage can be life threatening among our community members. We are already high risk. So be mindful and respectful while leaving comments. Thank you for your understanding.
  This blog page is for 18+ because we will be discussing and posting (for educational purposes) things like packers, STPs, prosthetic breasts, and the body parts of unknown people, taken from the public domain. This is not for entertainment. This is to help, educate and to save lives by minimizing (trigger warning) dysphoria. So don't try to get my page shut down or any other kind of typical nastiness I have seen when it comes to other community members. I have purchased the domain. I have consulted lawyers. I am within my legal rights to post about this and to add the things I do here. Thank you for your understanding.