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Friday, September 9, 2016

Over The Next Few Months

There are a few things I plan to do with this page. As I cover these topics throughout my blog, I will cross them out here on the list, so if you see them crossed out and want to read up, you can scroll down my blog page to view at your leisure. Feel free to comment and leave ideas for topics to cover if you need answers. :) Here is a little preview:
1. I plan to have several discussions on these overlooked topics
     A. Bigger Trans Elders: How to transition with both age and gender
     B. Bigger Trans Kids: A Discussion For Parents Who Have Big & Beautiful Trans Kids
     C. A Creative Writer's/Art Page
          a. A Trans topic will be chosen. For those who have trouble openly expressing your needs or how you feel or what you think, this can be another way. We will be holding flash fiction, poetry and art contests on an attached page (hyperlink). We will have to come up with a reward for voted on winners. At this time, I am only sure that first place winners will be showcased on the BiggerTz main page (the page with the domain link for more exposure). This is still in the works, so we will come up with other prize ideas as well. We are always open to suggestion.
     D. A Series Called "Big Troubles, Big Triumphs" Featuring:
           a. The Good
           b. The Bad
           e. The Embarrassing
           f. (and my personal favorite) The Life-Saving
           g. The Need
           h. The Success
           I. The Stereotype
5. What Is Gender?
6. Gender Science: Pros, Cons, And What We Need That Doesn't Exist Yet
7. How To Tuck If You're BB (Big&Beautiful)
8. How To Bind If You're Beafy
9. Belly In Boobs Out
10. Challenges of Packers and STPs for Big Studs
11. How To Apply Style To Size That Works For Trans (all inclusive)
6. Where To Get Stuff
7. How To Make Stuff
8. How To Use What You Have At Home
9. DIY for the artistically challenged

That is it for now. This is what we can look forward to. I will update this list as we come up with more ideas. They may not come out in this order, but these are the topics at hand now. The one thing I will NOT be covering is weightloss. You get enough of that from doctors, dietitians, media, family, friends, and in every other area of your life. That pressure isn't going to happen here. Yes, I want everyone to be healthy. That isn't the purpose of this blog. This is a place to feel GOOD about yourself, to get respect and support, and to learn to feel good in your own skin NOW, not after you change. Make sense? Please feel free to request a topic and we will see what we can do. If there is something you are struggling with specifically, please let me know and I will make THAT the priority. I am here to help.