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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

ONE QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT: I have edited the wikiHow page on how to pass as a man for FTMs. I would do this for you girls, but due to a lack of personal experience, I don't feel I can just yet, however I AM looking for an MTF blogger willing to donate their time to improving this area of our blog for our big and beautiful girls who need this help. I have gotten a lot of tips, ideas and additions on here already for some of you, but we really need someone on here who is willing to be our first hand knowledge to cover the girls' (non-binary) needs for BiggerTz. If interested, leave a comment below or write to The "How to pass" wikiHow now includes quick tips for larger trans men. If someone could do this on wikiHow for the girls, you would be saving lives. Please consider. Thank you.